Our educational approach:

  • Facilitates projects and learning inspired by children’s questions
  • Fosters a love of and interest in learning
  • Develops critical-thinking skills
  • Develops deep knowledge in curriculum
  • Develops intrinsically motivated students
  • Develops sense of community and social justice
  • Creates high expectations, without competition
  • Encourages parents to work with teachers and children
  • Encourages teachers to be co-learners with students, serving as models as they expand their own horizons

How is Roots & Branches special?

  • Includes an integrated curriculum, anchored in the social sciences & natural sciences
  • Infuses all subjects with the visual & performing arts, providing an additional method of communication for students & teachers
  • Centers on multi-sensory learning, with hands-on, inquiry-based projects to engage & encourage children to be active participants in the learning process
  • Provides individualized learning plans & assessment plans for students, instead of traditional report cards
  • Encourages reading at home, otherwise minimal homework will be assigned
  • Provides daily recess & opportunities for children to play, laugh and have fun!
  • Partnership with Johns Hopkins University’s Education Department, specifically the Mind, Brain, and Teaching Program, where our teachers will learn how teaching and the mind are inter-related
  • Dr. Hardiman and her award-winning experts will educate our teachers in the Brain Targeted Teaching Approach
  • Supplies opportunities for our professionals to collaborate with one another, with the charter school community, & within the network of schools with similar philosophies