Teacher Appreciation Week

May 1st through May 5th is designated as National Teacher Appreciation Week! Our teachers and staff work tirelessly day in and day out to create a positive learning environment for our children. In addition to the hours you see them at school, they spend a considerable amount of time planning lessons, meeting with teams, consulting colleagues, talking with parents and taking courses to improve their professional practice.

Our teachers encourage our children to do their best work academically and foster positive relationships that support students socially. They wipe runny noses, dry tears, and send scraped knees to the health suite. They always have an ear for the child who has hurt feelings and the parent looking for advice for supporting learning at home.

Last weekend The Mission Continues left little goodie bags for the teachers and put up posters in the main hallway. If you have the opportunity, take a minute this week to thank a teacher for all he or she does for our children.